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2/25/2016: After Union Election, B&H Photo Illegally Fires 7 Employees


Press release 2/23/2016: B&H Photo Warehouse Workers in Midtown Manhattan Vote 46-14 to Join United Steelworkers


Press release 11/4/2015: Trabajadores Votan de Manera Abrumadora Para Unirse a la United Steelworkers


B&H Photo and Video Warehouse Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Join United Steelworkers 





"We decided to change the conditions in our workplace, we demand respect and to be treated as human beings." 

-Raul Pedraza, warehouse worker


Over 150 B&H Photo warehouse workers have experienced horrific health and safety conditions as well as rampant discrimination, verbal abuse and precarious conditions. Now they're standing up and fighting back.


“Decidimos cambiar las condiciones de nuestro lugar de trabajo, demandamos respeto y ser tratados como seres humanos"--Raul Pedraza, trabajador de almacén.


Estos trabajadores de almacén de Brooklyn han experimentado horribles condiciones de salud y seguridad, así como discriminación rampante, abuso verbal y condiciones precarias. More info.

Liberato Update
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Queridos Compañeros que apoyan a LWC y la Campaña de Liberato – Por orden del juez, los trabajadores de Liberato han entrado en conversaciones con el restaurante para ver si un acuerdo justo puede ser alcanzado antes del juicio. También, el juez ha ordenado una investigación independiente de los records financieros de Señor Liberato. Esto es un paso muy importante para la campaña.
Los Trabajadores han pedido que nadie proteste antes que terminen la investigación y las negociaciones. Como siempre, estamos listos para luchar por la justicia en el lugar de trabajo y mas allá. En solidaridad.

Dear LWC and Liberato campaign supporters - At the request of the judge, Liberato workers have entered settlement talks with the restaurant to see if a fair agreement can be reached before trial. In addition, the judge is ordering an independent review of Mr. Liberato's financial records--an important step for the campaign.

During this time the workers have asked everyone not to protest at Liberato Restaurant. As always we stand ready to join with the community and fight for justice in the workplace and beyond!

Successful Conclusion in Justice for Moraima Ortiz Campaign!
Laundry Workers Center is thrilled to announce that Moraima Ortiz and Kenny Bakery have reached an amicable agreement. Moraima Ortiz, an immigrant woman and a real fighter has inspired other women to speak out about their working conditions.

The full-length version of The Hand That Feeds, a production, will released in 2014.


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