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One of the core values of LWC is solidarity.  We strongly believe that people are a building base of power for justice, and an important aspect of that is not only the empowerment of the people who are struggling in the campaigns, but through the support of others.  This is why Laundry Workers Center supports other justice campaigns, including those of Brandworkers International, Fast Food Forward, and Restaurant Opportunities Center.  In addition, we also rely on the support of community allies to strengthen our campaigns, including support from Occupy Wall Street, Brandworkers International, Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, and Hunter College students.

On July 29th 2013, Laundry Workers Center members marched in solidarity with fast food workers on strike.  They are part of the Fast Food Forward campaign for better wages. Miriel Manning, representing LWC, was interviewed by Press TV about these issues.

LWC supports Restaurant Opportunities Center United's campaign against Darden, the owner of various restaurants around the country, including Capital Grille, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden.  Members of LWC participated on July 24th 2013 both in the protest and the Sit-In, where people who support the workers made reservations, only ordered water, and had a mic-check inside the restaurant after 30 minutes, speaking of the injustices happening inside the restaurant.  The participants left a large tip so that the servers were not hurt by the action.  Miriel Manning, an intern at LWC, was quoted in an article covering the event.

Laundry Workers Center members marched during International Migrants Day, December 18th, 2012.

On February 20th 2012, Laundry Workers Center joined Occupy Wall Street during "Occupy 4 Prisoners" - a rally against Prison Industrial Complexes.

On January 21st 2012, workers from Hot and Crusty, with the help of the community, confronted management and presented their letter of demands.  Brandworkers International, Restaurant Opportunities Center, students from Montclair State University, Students for Democratic Society, and Occupy Wall Street are a few examples of supporters who came for this successful Day of Action.

Hunter College students, The Internationalist Group, and Occupy Wall Street were instrumental not only for the Day of Action, but also for the entirety of the Hot and Crusty Campaign.  

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